Wednesday, October 8, 2008

slow down people

These are my two co-workers making a poster for a presentation.

Today, it rained ALL day long. It is raining outside right now. Because of the rain it is almost cold. I haven't really been hot at all the whole time that I've been here. It's been chilly. It is really nice to sleep when it is raining outside. ¡Que rico!

I've noticed recently how I live in the tension between the latin and northern approach to time. Here the way you show that you value other people is by spending time with them (which I LOVE and embrace as a generally great way to live life) and up north the way that you show your value for others is by being punctual with your deadlines, getting things done, etc. (not always, that is a HUGE generalization, but in general it is true and anyone who has ever done any type of project with me will know how keen I am on getting work done on time).

I've had to be really concious of slowing down when it's time to be with people. The projects will be finished later but, time with people should never be rushed. If you're done eating, sit and talk untill everyone is ready to go onto other things. It's been interesting to watch the different ways in which I have to consciously stop thinking about how I'm going to get my projects done and enjoy the moment with people.

Today, there was a guy preaching on the bus on my way home from work. He told about his time dealing drugs, how he used to get on the bus and rob people. He said, "I used to get on the bus and tell people to give me their money, and if they didn't give it to me --I'd shoot them!" He talked about how he was a new person because now he was saved. He asked how many people on the bus were Christians, he said "I'm not ashamed to say that I am a child of God." He asked everyone what would happen to them if they were hit by a car when they got off the bus and died. I don't know, it was just interesting.

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