Friday, August 22, 2008

the weather and the war

The weather has been absolutely perfect in DC this summer. The average temperature has been in the low 80’s with very little humidity. I’ve loved it. It has been the perfect weather for walking around (and I’ve done a lot of walking this summer!).

Now I’m going to skip the fall weather and head back to the tropical climate of El Salvador catching the end of the rainy season. It should be pretty wet and very green. By November it should be a bit dryer but it will still be quite hot! Nothing new for me, I think I’m going to enjoy the warmth. I thrive on sunshine.

During my long walks in DC, I’ve noticed how many Salvadoran restaurants there are here. It is impressive. You never see a Panamanian restaurant and you will see at least 7 ‘Pupuserias’ on just one stretch of road. It is interesting that one small country would have such a large representation here.

It is interesting and yet sadly, it quite simple to explain why. Starting in the early 80’s during the civil war over a million people have emigrated from El Salvador. It is incredible how many people have left the country (and it continues to be one of the most densely populated countries in the region). These people coming legally and illegally have made themselves at home in various different regions of the US, DC being one of them.

The civil war will be a re-occurring theme as I write about El Salvador. It is the backdrop of so many things that happen in the country . I hope that I will begin to have a better understanding of its history, complexity, and effects as I spend time there.

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