Saturday, July 5, 2008

rest and restful conversations

In the past few days I have had the privilege of sitting down and talking to friends who I have seen and had a good conversation with at least once a year for the past six or seven years. It is incredible that we have stayed in contact this long and that our conversation is so open and refreshing in spite of the long distances and the long time.

The truth is that some people are just kindred spirits. Oddly, as well, it seems that our lives have followed similar courses of events, patterns of experience, and spiritual journeys. Sitting down and talking is like breathing fresh-air and being completely relaxed in a way that you usually only feel with people that you've cultivated a strong relationship with.

One thing that I was reminded of this week... is that it is ok and good to just relax sometimes. It is good to just rest. Sometimes, we should work hard and take on a lot of burdens for and with other people but, at other times, it is ok to rest an recover strength enjoying relationships that lead us to rest and places that refresh our spirits. A season of rest will hopefully follow a season of intense relationships and hard work... and hopefully, the seasons of work, productivity, etc. will find ways to be interspersed with rest and reflection without having to cease completely.

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