Saturday, March 8, 2008

It seems like forever since I've written anything. This is an interesting place because sometimes there is a lot going on and it is difficult to stop and talk about the details because they all blend together so easily.

Let's see. From the last time I wrote we've done all sorts of things, let me try to remember some of the highlights (with the help of G-Cal which is our scheduling mastermind!).

The week of the 17th started out with Ali and I inviting our dinner group from church out to the property (Nathan was out here that weekend!). I ended up preparing dinner for 24ish people. We cooked a very yummy thai chicken curry with rice. It was a lot of fun. We went into the week and talked about health care with Ali during her class time and then I taught my class time.

The week of the 24th was great we had journal time for the first time in a while and Cindy led matins where we read about Joseph every morning. I enjoyed that quite a bit. We had some time to work on our research question that week. On the Tuesday of that week Ursula Meese came out to talk to us. Hearing her stories was incredible to say the least. We had class that week with Amy talking about T.S. Eliot's The Four Quartets (which was really cool!).

On the Thursday of that week some of us went into Washington D.C. to hear a lecture at the Center for Ethics and Public Policy. It was an interesting talk about "Media Madness". Before the lecture Sarah, Miriam and I went to the National Art gallery and enjoyed walking around together for a bit.

The week of the 2nd of March started out with a good conversation with Andrew on Sunday evening and class with Grace. We got to have an art lesson on Tuesday afternoon. I led matins that week, we read through the sermon on the mount. I worked Tuesday through Thursday at the Lodge and then we had an amazing celebration of Will's birthday on Friday the 7th. I got to prepare dinner, it was wonderful. We had portobello mushrooms with pesto, mozzarela cheese, roasted red peppers, and sausage; a roasted vegetable salad on a bed of spinach greens with roasted turkey and a yummy red pepper and onion topping; a slice of acorn squash, and then we had oysters and a plate of cheese and chocolate for dessert. It was delightful.

Today is Saturday, a chance to regroup, update people about my life and get some work done. I'm going to my dinner group again. This time we're going to Pickering Creek because one of the couples in the group lives there and manages it for the Audobon Society. It should be a good time. Tomorrow we're all going to go to St. Stevens for Women's Day. They invited all of us to go sing in Church. Apparently we're all supposed to wear black and gold. It should be a good Sunday.

Next week is looking like another crazy week full of stuff but, I like that. As long as it is full of learning and hospitality the two things that we do best here at the Academy. I enjoy those two things so very, very much!

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