Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's Tuesday and I want to be writing or reading and I cannot focus. My thoughts are scattered. I don't even feel very social. I want to force myself to write or read but, I'm not sure if I can.

On Saturday, we had a wind and rain storm that was so strong the waves were crashing up really high and the water almost got up to the Old Library. It was a crazy storm.

On Sunday, we had a really cool time at St. Stevens AME Church. Everyone was super friendly, the girls sang a special, and all in all it was just a happy, welcoming, friendly time. We are blessed to be loved by people like them. That afternoon I went to work in the kitchen because Dawn our chef is gone for a few days and I was supposed to help Val and Roger put out dinner. It was a good time. I needed something that was just work, not trying to have conversation or work on my project. We were serving some people from Chik-fil-A, they were really nice.

On Monday we had class with Cindy and Mark Potter who was talking about diversity, pluralism, compartmentalization and specialization in the University. It was an interesting conversation. In the afternoon Cindy was talking about communication. Specifically the importance of thinking through HOW we try to communicate things. We talked about how some people are called to be gadflys and others to build consensus, and often to go between those two things.

That evening I cooked dinner with Eric. I prepared a type of Indian curry dish. It was pretty good, I guess. I got to talk to our newest guest Roman Williams who is working on a research project about how people create sacred space. It was an interesting conversation. He's doing his PhD at Boston University. I guess I was trying to work last night but I couldn't.

Today was an all right day. I got to work the breakfast shift, which I love. I enjoy working with Roger. We had one more class with Cindy where we were talking about Brasil mostly. It was fun. After class I went to Easton, it was a sunny day a good day to walk around town some. I had lunch with Lauren, Will, Ali and her friend Vicky that was visiting. I tried to read but was a bit too tired. We had an afternoon lecture with Roman Williams and then I tried (again) to read before dinner. We had a great dinner and now, here I am procrastinating feeling very frustrated about my inability to focus on the things I want to be doing right now.

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