Monday, March 24, 2008

Holy Week

This past week was our "spring break" for Easter. I've had a good week. It started on Tuesday with class in the morning, organizing of details (sending in my resumé to a potential job), and driving to D.C. to stay with Nathan.

Wednesday was a quiet day, organizing my life a little, doing some reading, thinking, etc. In the evening Lauren, Nathan and I met up with Jen (a friend we've made this year) to go to a "Bible Study" it turned out that it was a group of people from the church I was going to go to this week so, that was fun. I actually knew one of the people there already so, it turned out to be a good time.

On Thursday morning I took Lauren to the airport and then I went back to the apartment, got my stuff together and went downtown. I walked around a bit, went to the National Geographic Society (where I hope to get a job) and met the editor in chief of the publication I'm excited about, and then went to St. Matthew's Cathedral for some reflection time (remembering that it was Holy week). I did some reading that afternoon and then went with Nathan to have dinner with a friend who was at the Academy last year and the future pastor of the Church I was going to that evening.

I went to church and after church I went home with my new friends Diana and Joannella from church. They were absolutely wonderful. On Friday I helped Diana do some gardening in the morning and in the afternoon I went and did some reading and them met up with another friend who was at the Academy last year. Then, I went to a Good Friday service and went back to Diana's house that evening. I was in a very pensive mood that night.

On Saturday morning I had a quiet morning, I met up with Nathan later that day, and then with two friends from Trinity Western. That evening Nathan and I spent it quietly at his apartment. We had a quiet Sunday morning and went to an afternoon Church. It was nice, they invited everyone to go to their house after church and so we went and met a lot of people. It is interesting to be around so many people that I might get to be friends with if I move to D.C. this summer.

Today was a great day. I went into D.C. and met up with my mentor from the Academy and we went to an Art Gallery the Corcoran. We looked at the art and then sat down to chat about life together. She is a very good listener and a very understanding person in general. After we parted ways I walked around quite a bit, went to a couple other art galleries, went into the Natural History Museum, walked around the sculpture gardens, was asked if I was a part of the circus, and did a lot of people watching and thinking.

I finally went back to the apartment to have another quiet evening (which I will be craving soon, I'm sure)...

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