Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A very full week

On Sunday afternoon we got to go to the house of some generous founders of this place. They took us on their 50ft long "James Bond" boat to their beautiful home. We enjoyed the conversation that we had with them. They are the founders of "Sunrise" senior living and they were really the forerunners of "assisted living" as we know it today. They have a deep sense of compassion for people and they love to help people. It was good.

We've had a full week with very involved conversations on Monday class and then on Tuesday again, we had an interesting class and we enjoyed Andrew Briggs as a guest speaker. I had lots and lots of conversations. We're at the point where having been here for a month now, we're much more comfortable talking with each other and we're starting to notice those things that we wish were different about our group and about each other.

I enjoy class and working in the Lodge. This week I've also had fun thinking about what I'm doing with my research time here. I don't have anything figured out yet but, I'm enjoying the process of thinking about what I'm going to do. Today was the first foggy day that we've had but, in the afternoon the sun came out and that was good.

I have quite a bit of writing to do. I'm setting goals for myself to keep me working on writing and writing. That was one of my goals this year, to improve my writing by doing a lot of it. We're going to have a Bible study this afternoon and then I have some reading and some writing to work on this evening.

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