Friday, September 14, 2007

This week we've had three guest speakers: Susie & Fred and David. I've been encouraged by their stories. We've been talking about the idea of the "big-story" of God's relationship with humanity and how each one of our small stories can fit somewhere within the big story when we're in Christ. I've thought about that quite a bit as I've heard them tell about their different life experiences. It is interesting how there seems to be a common theme that choosing to do things are difficult provides opportunities for us to grow and gain wisdom. We don't try to make life difficult but, we don't run away from "the difficult". That is what I'm doing here right now, trying to embrace that which is difficult because I believe it is good. "Love is good because love is difficult." Choosing to live with people is difficult for me but, I believe that it is good. I love how we are choosing to let these people enter into our stories and inevitably leaving a significant mark on us.

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