Saturday, September 8, 2007

ping pong and keeners

This week I have enjoyed class, kitchen work, and the other daily activities of the TFA but, around Thursday night I was starting to feel a little bit suffocated by everyone. Not that anyone was trying too hard to get to know me but, I was just tired of the fact that it just takes so much effort to get to knew new people and all my good friends live in different countries or different time zones so, it's hard even to get a conversation with someone who I've already walked through that process with.
As I was thinking about that my thoughts drifted to professor I had at college who called the students who always did all the work (and more): keeners. Because they were keen! That is a good thing. I liked the idea of being a keener and when I was at college most people knew me as that, a keener. I liked to read, to study, and to have good conversation. All of those things are true about me but, if you leave it at that there are many aspects of my personality that are left out and you cannot say that you really know me.
Here at the TFA there are quite a few keeners. We're all probably over-achievers in one way or another. But, that is not all that we are. We all have a lot of different aspects to our personality that we're all going to learn about as the year goes on. Last night, I had an experience that was unusual for me. We all went over to the recreation room and played fooseball, pingpong, and pool. In the past, people have gotten to know one side or the other but last night my new friends were introduced to the slightly competitive Hannah and if they hadn't noticed the keener in me they'll meet her soon as well.
Playing ping pong last night was relieving to some of my suffocating stress. It reminded me that I am being known, slowly but surly, in a natural and yet intentional way. That is really neat, even though I still will need time away, conversations with old friends, and space.
live the questions now... R.M. Rilke