Sunday, September 9, 2007

i got to meet ishmael beah

About a week ago I bumped into Ali (Roger's wife) who owns a bookstore in Easton and she told me that Ishmael Beah would be coming to her bookstore to sign books. Ishmael Beah is the author of the book "A Long Way Gone" in the which he tells about his experience as a young boy in Sierra Leon who was captured and forced to become a child soldier. I was thrilled. I ran into the house and told everyone with giddy excitement that I was going to get to meet Ishmael in person.

Maybe it is hard to explain why I was so excited but, mostly it was the hope that I found in reading his story. He had lost everything, lost his humanity even and through the dedication of some incredible people he was able to escape and recover his humanity. He was able to go to university and now is able to travel all over the country telling people about the problem of child soldiers and continuing to invite people to bring hope to those who are caught up in these conflicts.

Yesterday, I got to meet Ishmael. I couldn't tell him what I was thinking or feeling but, I was thrilled that I got to meet him. Ali read the book this week and came with me. Lauren is going to read the book and she came with us to meet him. This was the highlight of my weekend.

In the evening we sat down to watch a movie called "The Apostle". I did not enjoy it. I had seen this movie before and the realness of it made me cringe. It wasn't funny, it made me cry. It ended quite late and I was tired so, I did not discuss it really and I went to bed feeling unsettled.

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