Sunday, September 9, 2007

the crab claw

Today, I went to Christ's Church and it was good. They invited us to a brunch after and everyone was very kind. Most of the Churches around her are a bit "older" but, very kind. I had a quiet afternoon and it was a wonderful time to read.

In the afternoon I got to talk to Liana for a while. It was so comforting and refreshing. It was delightful to spend time talking to her.
At about 4:30pm we got to go to one of the nicest restaurants around here called the Crab Claw Restaurant. We were invited by some incredibly generous people who gave us a crab feast. Basically it is the Eastern Shore experience to get to sit down at a table, they wrap it with paper, and dump crabs, lots and lots of crabs and you just get to eat them. Open them with your hands (and hammers) and just eat as much crab as you can. We were spoiled with shrimp and crab balls as well. We had a wonderful time and we all feel so honored to be blessed with such generous treatment.

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leah rachel said...

yikes! a table loaded with crabs? do they give you fries with that?

live the questions now... R.M. Rilke