Saturday, September 22, 2007

eventful and good

This week has been another full week. On Wednesday we had class again. We've been talking about Anslem and Aquinas and the reasonable proofs for the existence of God. We might have concluded that it is interesting to come up with logical reasons for the existence of God but, those arguments are never conclusive and there is much more involved in the ultimate conviction about the existence of God.

I've gotten to spend some time reading and thinking during this week which has been really good. On Thursday we had class again in the morning and then we had a guest speaker, David Aikman, who ate lunch with us and then spoke to us about his up-coming book "The Disillusion of Disbelief" about the "new-atheism" in the United States. It was interesting to hear him talk about his book, what he wrote, and all of that.

I read for a while in the evening had a conversation with various people about what role women should play in the Church. Later I ended up going to Baskin Robins with Josh, David, Eric, and Zac. It was a fun spontaneous thing to do.

On Friday we had our long scheduling meeting (which is good, we need it) and then I tried to take my car into the mechanic but, they couldn't take it on Friday. They'll take it another day. I felt like I wasted my morning. Oh well. We played ultimate frisbee in the afternoon (which was a lot of fun!) and then I spent a good amount of time reading before we had a delicious dinner prepared by Will and David.

We had a "movie night" and we watched "The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". I wouldn't recommend the movie to everyone but, it gave us an interesting conversation about "human love" & "God's love" what it means to love people and not concepts. I was very, very sleepy by the end of it so, I didn't contribute much to the conversation.

Saturday was a great day. I got up to eat breakfast with Amy. We had a good long conversation outside. I worked in the Lodge today. I enjoyed it. I like working in the Kitchen. I always learn something new and I get to clean. After working I was a bit tired so, I took a nap. I spent a couple hours reading outside by the water, it was great. After that I ate dinner, sat around and talked. We had a small goodbye party for Hahna who was a Fellow from last year who was helping in the Kitchen until this week. She's leaving tomorrow to start a new job.

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