Tuesday, September 18, 2007

breakfast, lunch, & dinner

Sunday morning I helped Sarah and Grady prepare breakfast for the whole group (everyone and their parents). Some of us went to Shore Harvest for church and then had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. We hurried home to get ready to go to our Kick Off Dinner in Annapolis. It was impressive. My time in Ottawa was certainly preparation for this kind of thing. It was not the first time I've been to such an elegant event.

I got to meet Heidi Metcalf who is going to be my mentor this year. After talking to her I was glad to have been there but quickly fell into exhaustion. I think Nathan enjoyed the event. We got home late again that night.

Monday morning I worked in the Lodge again and then we had class. After class I took another short nap and woke up to a phone call about a complicated issue. I found myself talking to David S. about some of the complications. Soon, I had almost run out of time to get ready to go to Washington D.C. to have dinner at the Evermay House.

The Evermay House is a historic location. "The nations living room" is what they like to call themselves; "hosting conversations of enduring consequence." It is the kind of place that has presidents and diplomats come and have dinner. The Trinity Forum was opening their headquarters in the downstairs of the Evermay house.

We had a guest speaker and a lovely dinner. I sat next to Barbara Bryant and had a very interesting conversation about many things; especially her involvement in helping Rwanda. After dinner I was ready to go. Four late nights in a row are too much for me and I was tired. We went home and I went directly to bed.

Tuesday was set apart as a day to try to practice silence and solitude. I left the property as soon as I could and spent the day alone. It was exactly what I needed.

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