Sunday, March 25, 2012

When I work alone

When I work alone, which is how I usually prefer to work, I listen to music.  I don't know if it is paradoxical that I enjoy working alone and yet I need some type of company.  I'm not sure.  Yesterday, I was at work, helping with a school event, and I was struck once again how very much I love solitude and if not being entirely alone -sharing quiet spaces in the company of just a few friends. 

Today, I am at home working alone.  When I work alone, I listen to music and the process of setting up, selecting what I am going to listen to in order to be the most productive during my work session is very important.  It can mean the difference between a productive work session and a completely fruitless one.  

So, today, I started my work session listening to my friend Wendell Kimbrough who has recently released a new album Things that Can't be Taught.  Wendell has a song called "When I Work Alone" and it speaks to me and -as I prepare to work alone- comforts my nostalgic introspective self and reminds me that I have company, many others are also working alone with me today.

Just for kicks, another great song from the album Communication:

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