Friday, December 23, 2011

Reading Daily - my self-education

During this past week that I've had a break from teaching, I've been able to do more reading than I have in a while.  It's been great.  I'm doing reading about education and learning for my international teaching certificate and I'm also reading a couple novels.  I'm actually reading three books in a digital format and another in a real -paper in your hands- format.  It's great!!

The site that I discovered recently, which I'm really excited about, is called DailyLit which sends you a new chapter or part of a chapter daily of any of the books on their site.  It's a great idea and I have found myself reading more because of it!  Another tool similar to this is receiving parts of the Bible (if you want to read through the Bible) to an RSS feed or your email every day from the ESV site.

I think that having a "real" book will always be something I like. Nevertheless, there are so many books that you can read for free in a digital format it seems to me that before I purchase any new "real" books.  I should work my way through this list of books that I can get for free and the books I already own but haven't found the time to read yet.

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