Monday, March 7, 2011


This weekend is the Campamento de Jóvenes.  Ariel is the director and he had a hard time finding people to help him with the camp this year so, I offered to do half of the teaching so that he wouldn't have to carry all of that load alone.  I have avoided that type of teaching and working at camp for several years, so it's felt strange in many ways.

I didn't really realize how exhausting it is to teaching in this context.  There are almost 40 campers and they aren't my students.  I taught last night and felt completely exhausted when it was over.  The other side of that exhaustion is that I as teaching from the Bible and that always makes me feel very introspective.  It's a strange feeling.

It's been strange because I've realized that I don't know how to get to know some of the campers.  I feel very disconnected and don't know how to connect.  I cannot think of what to talk about them, I cannot remember how to do it... how to just find something to talk about with people that I have very little in common with.  It's been hard for me!  I feel more timid because I'm afraid of really having nothing to talk about.

This week 750words had a problem with its server and it didn't save my words.  I have to say that  was super disappointed when it didn't save my words even though I had forced myself to write them.  It made me feel very discouraged.

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