Saturday, July 31, 2010

This is going to be great...

I'm not sure how many people make decisions on the basis of what will make the "better story" later but, I often find myself in that place.  Sometimes, I choose the more simple path that will make a boring story and I like it.  Sometimes, I go the more complicated way that will make the best story, I've done a lot of things in my life for that reason.

Right now, I think that Ariel and I are living the situation that will make "the best story" even though if I had to choose I'd pick the more boring option of having everything figured out. I mean, it's not like moving to a different country, looking for a car, getting married, and starting a new job aren't significant enough changes to go through all at once.  We've just been lucky enough to have the "settling in our new place" part definitively un-settled as well.

I think that this would be one of those times that it would be SO nice if one of those parts of our life would just fall into place but, for the sake of the writers in us, we have some really great material for a novel.  The starting at the bottom type of a story where for the first few weeks of marriage you have "picknics" because you don't have a table and chairs and you will probably end up moving again in 3 weeks anyway.

All that being said, the good part is that we are so glad to be together, in the same place... it makes the uncomfortable part more bearable.

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