Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Being good...

Today was a half-day at school. I often do a lot of testing and paperwork on half-days. We had a student get in trouble for switching numbers on the 100 chart today. He was warned several times to pay attention but he didn't and then he switched the 66 and the 99 on the chart. It's so unlike him, he's a really good kid most of the time. Then, he was flicking people with his fingers as they were going back to their tables. I had to take him to first grade to allow him to re-focus then I had to talk to him seriously and he almost started to cry. He told me that he had two important cards in his bag and I let him go get them, they were apology notes from his behavior earlier in the week. I hope he pulls it together because I like him when he's being good.

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