Wednesday, July 29, 2009

what to do? what to do?

How much of life is filled with moments like one that I'm in? Crossroads. There are several ways I could go, they all seem so good in their own way. Which one is the right one? How am I supposed to know?

One thing that is comforting right now is that I'm doing well, I'm feeling alright. Uncertainty is hard but, I also thrive on challenges, new experiences, adventures. I love that part of life.

Every year I realize that I've become better at responding to unexpected challenges, keeping my strong emotions in check, loving the questions, and taking risks... it is still hard, don't get me wrong, but I have gotten much, much better.

I feel like I love life more now than ever... I love the little things and get excited just as much or more than ever. Anyway... today was a good day, almost my last day of work.

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live the questions now... R.M. Rilke