Tuesday, July 7, 2009

oh Honduras!

I have been reading about what is happening in Honduras and I don't really think I am anyone to have a strong opinion. I don't really know more about it than anyone else. What makes it different for me is that my parents call Honduras home and maybe I care just a little bit more about what happens there because in some ways a little bit of me considers a little bit of Honduras home.

So, the deal is that they have removed their president in a very unusual (illegal?) way and now it is the whole world and Zelaya against Honduras. It's tough. I don't agree with just ousting a president, just like that... but, I also think that people need to listen to the "other side"... things are never quite as simple as they seem.

Dan Rosenheck wrote and article in the National Post, Everyone is wrong about Honduras, and I think that there might be some truth to that. I just saw another article written by Carlos Alberto Montaner (author of some pretty interesting books), Preventing a Honduran Bloodbath. Montaner writes "...if there is still something worse than the depressing spectacle of a freely elected president forced to leave his country at gunpoint, it is that same leader trying to force his way back in. If Zelaya returns, he will be arrested and charged with an array of crimes. His imprisonment will embarrass any who decide, irresponsibly, to accompany him on such a mad adventure."

I hope that this gets resolved; I do not envy those leaders who are trying to negotiate this situation. What are we going to do? Montaner suggests that, "The solution is to move forward with the general elections planned for November. It's a solution within everyone's reach: the candidates are already there, freely elected in open primaries, and both enjoy much popularity. Why plunge this society irresponsibly into a maelstrom of violence? Once the new government is selected, a government that enjoys the legitimacy generated by a democratic process, the Honduran people can push this lamentable episode into the past."

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