Sunday, March 15, 2009

interesting and thought provoking

On Saturday I went to a conference that was very thought provoking. I have to admit that I actually felt kind of strange going to some of the sessions. I felt slightly out of place in an interesting and good way.

I went to a session hosted by the Latin America Working Group. As time goes on, I realize how connected I am in mind and spirit to Latin America and that it is a good thing. I actually met someone who knew the Aritas in Santa Rosa who used to work with World Vision. What good people to be associated with!

I think that the best part of the conference was walking around and talking to all the people at the different booths. I spent some time chatting with Tom from the Potter's House. He knows my friend Ali and had only good things to say about her. He also encouraged me to come by sometime, it is definitely on my 'must-do-soon' to do list.

Then I walked over to Bread for the World and found out that they know my friend Jenn who is now serving with her loving and gentle spirit in Uganda. I told them that I would love to work with them... someday. I walked around talking to different people who are working passionately for different causes. I'm reflecting more and more on what my role ought to be in all of these good things... it seems like things like this get more blurry before they get clear again.

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