Monday, September 8, 2008

I've arrived in San Salvador

On Saturday my parents and I drove to Cucuyagua, Copán and visited some friends of theirs there. We also stopped in Corquin where I took all of these pictures. We were going to stay in Cuguyagua but, they hadn't had water for four days and we decided it would be easier for everyone if we just went ahead! Four days without water!

Anyway, we went on to Ocotopeque which is close to the border with El Salvador. On Sunday we went to church with other friends there and they took care of us. This morning I got to take a famous bucket bath because they didn't have any running water this morning. We spent the night and this morning another friend who lives in Honduras but is from San Salvador met us to guide us into the city. It was very kind of him because we had no idea what we were doing.

It was only about a two hour drive to San Salvador where we met with another friend who had been recommended to us. We were very well cared for. He showed us around. Took me to see where I'd be working, took me to see his mother's home where I might decided to live these three months, and helped me get a cell phone.

Now, I'm going to stay this week with our friends from Venezuela and I'm feeling very happy with all of these kind people. Tomorrow, hopefully we'll meet some other of our contacts and by the end of the week I'll probably be settled here. Right now I'm a bit exhausted because I haven't gotten much sleep for a week or so but, it's fun to be back in Central America.

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Jennifer said...

ooh this is lovely, hannah. i'm so glad to see where you are. keep posting!
-jen (wilmore)

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