Sunday, September 21, 2008

it's almost Monday...

It’s not that there are days that I’m more predisposed to missing [certain friends, music, community, liturgy, vision, hugs, cities, food, parks, conversations, meals, early morning breakfasts, leisure activities, coffee shops, freedoms, assumptions] than others. It's just that...

..there are moments in almost every day of my life that I feel that sensation of “I wish ‘so and so’ were here” or “wouldn’t it be nice to hear her voice” or “he would love this right now” etc. I can never get used to it. I am always missing someone or someplace. Sigh. But, well, maybe Sundays are worse than other days. It might be strange but, I'm looking forward to Monday.

There are a few things I've learned about arriving in new places that are really important even though they are hard. 1. You need to be patient when developing friendships, the feeling of understanding and connectedness only comes in time. 2. It's important to listen (a lot) before voicing all your opinions, people don't have the same assumptions you do and it's important to understand theirs before you start voicing yours. 3. Remind yourself that you like to laugh more than you like to cry, even though there are things to be upset about there are plenty more to be quite happy about.

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