Thursday, July 24, 2008

jam session

I think a lot of people listen to music for encouragement in the midst of life and its craziness. Music is powerful, it can speak truth, it can remind us to celebrate, it can connect us to others in that deep emotional way, it's lovely.

I really like Ben Harper's music. So, with the help of YouTube here goes my job search jam session:
#1. "Fight Outta You" - I guess sometimes you do need a reminder to keep trying.

#2. "She's Only Happy in the Sun" - I've told more than one person how perfectly this song describes me and my need for sun. (If the sun sets you free... interesting.)
#3. "Give a Man a Home" - "Have you ever lost your way? Have you ever, ever feared another day?"
#4. "Take My Hand" - "Take my hand when you are worried. Take my hand when you are alone."
#5. "In the Colors" - It's good to find the space to just celebrate and maybe dance in the midst of it all...

"When your whole world is shaken from all the risks we have taken..."

#6. "Shall Not Walk Alone" - I don't really pray to Mary but, this song is beautiful.
#7. "Better Way" - Here's to the idealist in me that believes that things can be better.
#8. "High Tide or Low Tide" - "God guide and protect us..."

Ok, that was fun. Now I'm going to get back to work.

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