Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Economics and Wendell Berry

On the Monday after Alumni Weekend (and the Superbowl) Grady talked to us about Economics in the morning. It was really interesting. I enjoyed it. I had to work Monday afternoon and didn't have a very productive evening. Even though I did do a little reading. On Tuesday Grady continued the class on Economics and we spent the afternoon class discussing an article about Wendell Berry. Arguing for the importance of localness and place. It was a good heated debate.

I had to walk out on the conversation to help prepare dinner. I like cooking here, its such a fun activity to cook for 20 people on a regular basis. Josh's friends where here from Louisiana and David and K.D. were there with Noah and Asher. It was a fun dinner. After we ate I got a phone call from my mom. I spent some time reading in the library with the wonderful new couches and then had room time with Miriam, Cindy, and Lauren (probably still one of my favourite times of the week).

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