Wednesday, November 14, 2007

too happy to write much of anything

I haven’t written much of anything since I gave my life story two weeks ago. That weekend I made the drive down to Norfolk, VA to see my brother, Nathan. It was a restful weekend which included a lot of reading and sleeping. Not a lot of talking since Nathan doesn’t talk all that much. I drove home and had a quiet Sunday afternoon. That evening I went to my “dinner group” from Church. It was a great time, it was funny.

The following week I had the opportunity to be both Dawn and Roger in the kitchen. That was quite a bit of fun. I also got to spend time trying to come up with a clearer explanation of what I want to do my research project on while I’m here. I threw something together to present in class. Then we rushed to get ready for a “retreat” that we were going to over the weekend.

On Thursday we drove to Charlottesville, VA to a retreat with some other “Fellows” programs based out of different churches. It was overwhelming to be with such a large group of twenty somethings who all have lots of drive and potential. As a group we noticed how obviously quiet and introverted we all are. We are unusually that way. The other groups were so loud. The speaker was thought provoking and I guess getting away was good for us to realize what an amazing place we live at and how much we’ve become like a kind of a family.

After the long drive home on Sunday we went to bed exhausted. On Monday we went back to class and in the evening we celebrated Josh’s birthday. It was a great game of football that we got to play all together. On Tuesday we thought that we had to work but, it turned out that our shifts were all canceled and we hadn’t been told! So, we all decided to do things that we wouldn’t usually do and NOT do anything that we would usually do. So, we played out in the rain a game of touch football, ultimate frisbee, and then some soccer. It was glorious! Then we went to “The Perk” our local coffee shop in St. Michael's and I finished reading Gilead. (SUCH a good book!).

Today was a day to do some planning for the Conference we’re going to have at the end of the month. I went and got to do a walk through of the lodge with our boss Roger, our director David, Scudder, and Sarah and then we played some Frisbee golf. The weather was absolutely amazing. Now I’m trying to come up with something to write my reflection on for this week.

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